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The use of drums

Drums are generally the most common packaging for transport and storage medium to small quantities of liquids or solids. Wide variety of volumes, shapes, technological parameters and the possibilities of using determines the drums to the crucial role of packaging for food and chemical industries.


Description of drums

In principle, the drums distinguish the material from which they are made (metal, plastic, cardboard) and by purpose of the use (bulk products - drums with a lid; liquids products - drums with bungs in a lid). These basic types differ according to their execution, metal drums with inner coating or with a plastic inliners for storage of an extremely corrosive substances, attacking the metal. The drums assortment covers a wide range of chemical, food products. And also rainwater barrels.



The drums mostly meet the requirements for the transport of dangerous substances as per RID, ADR, IMDG-Code and IATA-DGR regulations. Some types of drums either plastic or metal ones with an inner coating meet sanitary certificate.


Handling drums

  • Forklift or pallet truck.
  • Way to carry all standard trucks.
  • Stacking option.


Advantages drums

  • Some drums UN certification and food certificate.
  • Wide assortment of drums are made of plastic (HDPE), steel, stainless steel or cardboard.
  • Drums are stackable and non-stackable.
  • Drums shapes: cylindrical or conical.
  • Drum cover design: removable clip and the lever cap, solid with a discharge hole, screw.

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