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Washing, cleaning and repair of IBC containers

We provide professional washing and cleaning of IBC containers .

Washing of IBC containers takes place on specially designed cleaning lines. The containers are cleaned not only inside but also outside, and if necessary leaching, so that after cleaning and drying the IBC containers can be returned to service. Of course there is wastewater disposal in compliance with applicable legislation.

Save the environment with us and don't be afraid to wash used IBC containers on the lines created for that purpose. The cleaned container can be easily re-placed on the market.

We also provide professional repairs of used IBC containers such as replacement of spare parts (drain cocks, lids, inner containers or whole metal frames).

With us you are always sure that your IBC container will be fully functional and able to serve its purpose.

If you are interested in washing, cleaning or repairing IBC containers, please contact us .