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Packing of air mail

Have regular and dangerous shipments shipped to you by IATA and DGR in a professional way. We have years of experience and hundreds of properly packed and shipped air mail to many countries and all continents. We choose the right packaging for you and take care of the packing of the goods to ensure they are as safe as possible, while also being safe for their surroundings.

  • We pack dangerous consignments including hazardous chemicals
  • We provide packaging for air transport to all continents
  • Our satisfied customers include DHL, CSA and FedEx
  • You do not need to study hundreds of pages of dangerous goods texts - just submit a safety data sheet for the packaged substance
  • We pack the goods according to international regulations, so that the shipment goes through all the checks without any problems

Entrust packages of air mail to professionals

Our specialists will provide you with a personalized approach based on all your requirements to prepare a package for the dangerous goods packaging (IATA DGR) for air transport. Upon approval of the package design, the air package will be packed in a professional manner and will be ready for shipment, including appropriate written documents.

We arrange transport (dispatch) of the shipment from the place of packing to you by a transport service or you can arrange the transport yourself by your own logistics, or you can pick up a professionally packed shipment at our company headquarters.

IATA Packing Methodology:

  • demand for packaging by phone or electronic mail (type of fabric, quantity, dimensions of original packaging)
  • processing of package price offer (within 2 working days)
  • agreeing a quote by email
  • sending and signing the purchase agreement electronically
  • packaging of goods according to IATA standards
  • issuing IATA written documents
  • shipment shipment to customer

For maximum protection (UN cardboard containers have handles or other fasteners) each consignment of packaged goods packed on standardized EURO pallet then wrap shipment in stretch film and fix a variety of tie-wraps.

Documentation for the processing of the offer of air packaging:

  • the name of the substance being transported
  • safety data sheet (MSDS) CZ or ENG
  • quantity of substance transported (kg or liters)
  • original packaging dimensions (d / w / h) or (diameter / v)
  • the sender's address
  • recipient address
  • loading airport
  • destination airport
  • emergency contact (name and phone of the person responsible for the shipment)
  • the name of the person who will deliver the shipment to air

Order package for air mail

To order the package, please contact Mr. Chybu, tel .: +420 734 471 757, e-mail: chyba@obal-centrum.cz .