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The use of plastic crates

Plastic crates are available in a wide range of applications in various fields of food industry (eg meat, bakery, farm). Plastic crates for the food industry are designed to meet the hygiene requirements for food contact.



Crates are useful for saving their transport and handling costs, as they are stacked together. Crates are mainly produced in the model number of 600 x 400 mm with different heights. Furthermore, the possibility of delivery in various colors. The supplies of plastic containers can be trucks, which are designed for safe and easy transport. It is possible to supply wheelchairs with different variations of the loading deck. All carts plastic containers despite the low weight are very durable, hygienic and suitable for use in cold stores and freezers.

Technical plastic containers are part of the flow of materials and products in the technical industry. These plastic containers are intended for handling and distribution warehouses for manual and automated handling. Because of its design, durability and ease of use are particularly suitable for the automotive industry.



  • Plastic crates used for storage and transport small piece and bulk products.
  • Crates their diversity in shape and volume can be used for a wide range of goods and materials.
  • Stackable.
  • Made of HDPE with food stuffs.
  • Ecological packaging - 100% recyclable.


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