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PLASTIC BOX GRAY / BLUE 25l UN X 422x227x239 MM TYPE 5102

This shipping plastic box is suitable for an efficient and elegant way of transporting and storing bulk or bulk materials. Plastic transport boxes Curtec are suitable for transporting and storing mainly batteries or batteries. The material of the plastic box is resistant to chemicals and thus prevents possible leakage of batteries from the battery. Possibility of sealing the transport box lid - protection against unwanted handling of the contents.

Until the current stock is sold out. Stocks available from 1 piece.
After sale min. collection from the whole pallet of 120 pcs - stocking from production only to order.

Important notice: The seller reserves the right to change the calculation of the transport if the real volume of ordered goods does not correspond to the price of transport according to the e-shop. In case of changes the customer will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.


Cubic capacity
25 l
300 mm
274 mm
500 mm

Product code: CU063

In stock – when I get the goods

Price: 30,65 EUR (25,33 EUR without VAT)

Minimal order count 1 piece

When I get the goods

In addition to personal pick -up, we have a freight forwarding service in our e-shop - either EXPRES VAN or TOPTRANS.

Delivery rates are two for the Czech Republic: Express 1-2 business days from shipping and standard 3-4 business days from shipping. For transport to Slovakia, the speed is 2-4 working days from shipping. What does it mean?

  • Express transport in the Czech Republic , when ordering today till 10.00 - goods will be in 1-2 days.
  • Standard transport in the Czech Republic , when ordering today till 10.00 - goods will be in 3-4 days.
  • Transport to Slovakia , when ordering today till 10.00 - goods will be in 2-4 days.

These dates apply to weekdays, not weekends and public holidays.

If you are not sure when we will deliver the goods, do not hesitate to ask in advance - write to obchod@obal-centrum.cz , add to the note in the order, or call: 466 971 391. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Read more about shipping and order payment .