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The use of canisters

Canisters are the most spread industrial and consumer packaging for storage and transport of liquid chemicals, fertilizers, paints, solvents and food products.


Material of the canisters

Canisters are in principle distinguished by material of which they are made (plastic, metal) and purpose (stackable, non-stackable). While stackable cans are mainly used for industrial purposes, the one way ones are mostly used for packaging of goods for final consumption.


UN certification canisters

We offer range plenty of types of plastic or metal cans that its product for the best canister. Many canisters are certified to transport hazardous substances according to ADR, IATA, or IMDG.


Advantages canisters

  • cans of different materials (metal, plastic)
  • widely used canisters
  • UN certification canister
  • cans for various uses (for flammable liquids, food, chemicals and other liquids)
  • wide range of accessories for the canisters
  • possibility of most types of stacking cans

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