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Usage of plastic or metal buckets

Buckets are one of the most popular small to industrial and consumer packaging for storage and transportation of paints, coatings, liquid chemicals and food products industries.


Description of buckets

Buckets in our range are made of HDPE or LDPE plastic. In the case of tin buckets, then from fine tinplate. Buckets are equipped with various kinds of lids, plug, screw or lever lid. Some types of buckets can be stacked without damage lids of lower floors. Most lids are fitted with safety break-out fuse to ensure the originality of content.


Certification of buckets

Our offered range of plastic or tin buckets include enough types to be able to offer our customers the best for their product. Some buckets are certified for the transport of hazardous materials according to regulations of RID, ADR, IMDG or IATA. The most plastic buckets for food purposes are maket by the symbol for food contact.


Advantages buckets

  • Buckets are suitable for transport and storage of bulk and liquid materials.
  • Many volumes of buckets (1-50 l).
  • Plastic buckets are certified for food contact.
  • UN approved.
  • Buckets have different types of lids (screw lid, pressure lid with safety pin or lever lock).
  • Easy handling due to grips.
  • Possibility filling content the pail.
  • We supply plastic or metal buckets.

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