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Using of shipping boxes

Transportation plastic boxes are suitable for efficient and elegant way to transport and storage of lump and bulk materials. Boxes are widely used in many industries (food, chemical, engineering) but also for transport and storage of agricultural products. Their undeniable advantage is easy stacking thus saving considerable storage space. The folding space-saving boxes economize high transport costs of empty boxes.


Description of shipping boxes

Shipping boxes are supplied ether folded, or compact and low-volume ones with lockable lid. Boxes are made of HDPE and LDPE polyethylene. The customer can choose from a number of variations at the monoblock and collapsible transport boxes, from the matter of colours, volumes or handling with box and contents. Boxes can be equipped with handling wheels, or various types of side or bottom dumps.


Certification plastic boxes

Selected types of transport boxes meet the requirements for the transport of hazardous substances according to regulations of RID, ADR, IMDG-Code or IATA-DGR. All folding and compact plastic shipping boxes meet sanitary standards so they are marked for contact with food.


Transport boxes – advantages

  • Plastic, metal and wooden.
  • Transport boxes are efficient and elegant way how to transport single-piece materials.
  • We supply transport boxes - folded, monobloc and low volume with lockable lid.
  • They are useful for industry (food industry, chemical industry, engineering industry).
  • UN approved by sampled from transport boxes for transport dangerous solid.
  • Different colours desing.
  • Stackable.
  • Lower transport costs and space saving during stock - keeping.
  • Easy handling by means of forklifts.

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