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Inspection and leak testing of IBC containers

Want to save? Then follow the applicable legislation if you use IBC containers as packaging to package hazardous substances and extend their life with a minimum of 2.5 years.

According to the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR Agreement), which is part of the Collection of Documents, an inspection inspection and a leak test must be carried out at intervals of 2.5 years for all IBC containers used for the transport of dangerous substances (be careful not to confuse pressure testing ). This obligation applies to the owners of IBCs who carry dangerous substances into them, transmit them for transport and handle them in any way. An ADR agreement is an international law, packaging approved for the transport of dangerous goods bears an international UN code, so tests and classifications of such packaging are recognized in all ADR Member States. The validity of this UN Code can be extended - see above, but under of the ADR Agreement for a maximum of 5 years .


The institution conducting leak testing and inspection of IBC containers must be accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation body - the National Accreditation Body - the Czech Accreditation Institute . It is by no means possible for any vendor or IBC container cleaner to offer this test to its clients on its own equipment. Independence can be maintained only on the basis of accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO / IAC 17020 Conformity assessment - general criteria for the operation of various types of inspection bodies. The independence criteria for meeting the above condition are set out in Annex A to this standard.

We will provide you with inspection and leak test

Our company works closely with an accredited body that fulfills all obligations under the ADR Agreement and, upon customer request, ensures that the IBC Containers have all the necessary inspections and tests as well as relevant documentation. If you are interested in arranging regular IBC checks, please contact our sales department .


  1. There are companies on the market that use some ignorance of the owners of IBC containers in the legislation and offer them a so-called pressure test , which, however, is of no significance for the ADR Agreement (often confused with the term leak test ) . The lifetime of IBC containers for substances under the ADR Agreement is not prolonged by the pressure test, it merely states that the IBC container is tight at that time. In so doing, when owners use IBCs that have expired or without a valid inspection, they are subject to severe penalties.
  2. In accordance with of the ADR Agreement concerning the performance of a leak test, the prescribed test pressure at which the test is performed shall be min. 20 kPa . Thus, some testing laboratories do not have a suitable leak test procedure. It is unrealistic for these tests to be carried out without mechanically securing the IBC, which would already be irreversibly damaged at 5 kPa. Therefore, take care of who does the test, where and how.