Our Packaging

loyalty program

Do you want to buy packaging more profitably than ever and get money back from your purchase to your account? We have launched a convenient loyalty program with Lyoness.

How does it work?

  1. We'll give you our free cashback card and sign up for our loyalty program
  2. You will have every cheaper purchase - 2% will always be refunded to you ( * details below )
  3. You also receive points of purchase (2.5%) for all purchases, which you can change for additional discounts at Lyoness partners around the world
  4. In addition, you can buy cheaper even at dozens of other press locations around the world - stone shops, shopping malls, restaurants, e-shops ... (eg e-Bay, Ali Express, Shell, Takko, McDonalds, Humanic, Sportisimo, Bata ... )

For more information on how our loyalty card works, visit the Lyoness website.

Please note: If you are withdrawing from us at discounted or priced prices, unfortunately no further discount is possible, these discounts are not added together. Thank you for your understanding.


* 2% will be refunded to your cashback card and will automatically be transferred to your bank account when you exceed the limit of $ 10.