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Handling containers of hospital waste

Evenly burning with malicious ensuring minimal damage to the environment. Waste containers are manufactured with square or round section. Square waste container, as compared to packages with a round cross-section, substantially better utilization of storage space in storage containers filled with a conical shape allows for optimum utilization of cargo space in the transport of empty containers.

Construction and sealing material used to ensure safe handling of a properly filled and sealed packages. Clinical boxes completely comply with all provisions of the ADR regulations and are certified to transport hazardous waste.


 Usage of the vessels of hospital waste

Waste containers made of polypropylene are an ideal package for the collection and disposal of hazardous medical waste, hazardous waste materials produced by different industries and for landfills disposal of hazardous wastes and chemicals.


  • Clinics boxes are for the collection and disposal of dangerous medical waste (needles, syringes, bandages, biological materials, chemicals).
  • After close clinic box, can not open the lid!!! (protection against abuse and dangerous materials are put back into circulation).
  • High resistance against wall perforation - conform with norms BS 7320 a NFX 30-500.
  • High safety staff during handling instead of currently used but unfit packiging (carton and plastic bag ).
  • Stackable.
  • Optimal space usage - rectangular shape.

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