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Standard wooden boxes type GB

Standard wooden boxes GB is the ideal storage and transport packaging due to first class plywood. Easy assembling of pallet, wrap and lid in three steps. Perfect, high carrying capacity alternative to heavy OSB or wooden boxes. Secure transport in Granby boxes of all types of products – from small single packaging to heavy goods. Perfectly suitable for export of corrosive products combined with our corrosion proof range of products.

Standard wooden boxes type GB

Advantages of wooden boxes type GB

  • Up to 70% reduction of storage space and storage costs owing to flat packed delivery
  • Available in 4-,6- and 8 mm plywood for several requirements
  • A 6 mm birch plywood box has a stacking strength up to 5.000 kg.
  • Wrap provided with high flexible cold rolled annealed Thomas steel
  • Strong protection against climate changes as frost, high temperatures and transient rain
  • Easy to close with strapping, screws or clips.
  • Optimal protection during extreme transport conditions
  • Less weight (up to 50%) vs. standard wooden boxes, less transportation costs
  • Easy and sustainable attachment of extra plywood sheets, if needed
  • Reusable several times
  • Suitable for worldwide shipping marked with IPPC approval. Example of certified marking
  • Almost all GB-9 boxes available as variant F-3; UN approved packaging for transport of dangerous goods.
  • Available with print according to customer specifications

Technical specifications the standard wooden boxes GB

Packing group Package Type Total load capacity [kg] Plywood thickness [mm] Volume [l]
I. UN 4D ETi 121005/X 31 4 85
I. UN 4D ETi 121005/X 90 6 85
II. UN 4D ETi 121005/Y 135 6 228
II. UN 4D ETi 01011/Y 250** 8 450
III. UN 4D ETi 01011/Z 300** 6 450
* can be changed from the UN at the UN 4D 4DV
** at this weight must be attached to boxes 5 tracks (3 +2)

Photo gallery standard wooden boxes GB

Standard wooden box
Standard wooden box

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