Containers for recycling and municipal waste

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Plastic containers and containers for waste

containers for separated waste plastic dustbin containers (bins) with lid
containers for separated waste plastic dustbin containers (bins) with lid

Description containers for communal and sorted waste

Bins and containers for communal waste are made of durable plastic. The plastic is very resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, high and low atmospheric temperatures and chemical or biological substances used in households. The indisputable advantage of containers for communal and sorted waste is their smooth surface which prevents sticking and allows easy cleaning. The material which plastic bins and containers for household or sorted waste produced are from, is 100% recyclable, it does not contain heavy metals.

containers for separated waste

Plastic bins and dumpsters

  • many volumes of containers
  • various types of lids for sorted waste
  • easy handling
  • made of durable plastic
  • recycling bins (environmental protection)

Sorted waste

Plastic bins and plastic containers for the waste can be fitted with lids to sort paper, plastic or glass, if not already equipped with these lids at the factory. Some plastic containers are fitted with "lid in the lid" for convenient opening of the container (for example for older people).

Handling with containers and bins

The advantage of plastic bins and dumpsters is the easy manipulation by big wheels. The bins are standard equipped by these wheels with mid-foot brake, which prevents unwanted movement and allows users the spillage of communal waste. Containers and plastic bins for communal waste can be supplemented with an lock and prevent unauthorized using of a container.

Certification of containers and bins

Plastic containers for communal waste are in accordance with DIN EN 840-1. Plastic containers correspond with dimensions with DIN 30700 and UNI 9260.

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