Transport trucks

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Trucks for containers, boxes, beer boxes or crates

standard truck gitter truck multiflex truck ultralight truck
standard truck gitter truck multiflex truck ultralight truck
uniflex truck Xtra truck
uniflex truck Xtra truck

Transport trolleys

MINI MOOVE is a line of trolleys with very long life. The trolleys are very useful in various industrial sectors, health, food distribution, retail, meat processing, freezing, or bakeries. They are also ideal for internal transport in offices, factories, warehouses and stores.

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Description trucks

  • MINI MOOVE is manufactured in standard 1 / 4 EUR-pallets, 600x400mm, and therefore meets all Euro standardized boxes and crates.
  • Transport trucks are supplied with a large selection wheels, both in plastic, rubber and even stainless steel.
  • Transport trucks are manufactured by injecting plastic into a mold and made ​​of aluminum profiles and plastic corners
  • Mobile platform frame is lightweight, easy to clean and retains its mechanical strength over a wide temperature range
  • Plastic frame wheelchair friendly to the environment (e.g. floors and walls) to help avoid the high cost of maintenance of the interior, such as cracked tiles and damaged door frames

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