Double tube stationary tanks storing light heating oil and other oil types

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Tanks on light heating oil (light fuel oil)

Use double-wall tanks

Fixed double-shell tanks are lightweight, space-saving storage tanks suitable for light fuel oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and other liquid products.

Tanks on light heating oil (light fuel oil)

Volume stationary light heating oil tanks

  • 720 - 1000 liters

Handling stationary tanks on light heating oil

  • forklift or pallet truck
  • way to carry all standard trucks
  • empty tank can be easily transmitted through low weight

Advantages stationary light heating oil tanks

  • installation without a brick base and the protective layer *
  • optimum use of space
  • bracket screwed tightly into the tank, allowing the transport using a forklift, so easy to install tanks
  • two different heights, suitable for basements with different structural heights
  • indicator and a gauge leaks
  • bilaterally galvanized steel sheet
  • easy transport inside the basement due to its width of only 700 mm/28 "
  • for single or multiple tank installations

Description of the double-shell tanks

The system of multi-PE double-wall tanks consist of a plastic inner container made ​​of PE-Plus (polyethylene, high quality) in a tightly welded drip reservoir of both sides to galvanized steel brackets fixed. External tank of galvanized steel sheet is replaced by a collecting basin. Duty intercepting sump for storage of liquids hazardous to the environment provided by law. This indicates that the type of tank 2 in 1 can be installed without additional protective measures .*


Safety tanks are best utilized in the cellars: 4,000 liters of heating oil on an area of ​​only 3.94 m2. The uniform width of reservoir 700 mm/28 " allows you to manipulate inside the basement or cellars over the non-standard size doors common in these areas.


* see state regulation and certification. Before installation contact local authorities. Ask us for information on certification in your country, and for storage of other hazardous liquids.

Technical specifications for stationary double-wall tanks for light heating oil

volume [L] order no. length [mm] width [mm] height [mm] weight [kg]
720 PE - K 720 1100 700 1200 68
1000 PE - K 1000 1100 700 1600 84

Photo gallery of double-shell tanks in the light heating oil

double-shell tanks for light fuel oil description of the tank on light heating oil
double-shell tanks for light fuel oil description of the tank on light heating oil

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