Tin pails with lid - type Hobok

akční nabídka obalů
english version czech version

Tin pails with lid and handles

plechové kbelíky

Volume tin pails Hobok

  • 30 L

Handling tin pails Hobok

  • 2 steel handles on the sides of the pail
  • possibility of stacking

Advantage tin pails - type Hobok

  • transport and storage of dangerous goods
  • UN certification
  • II. packing group
  • suitable for solids and liquids
  • removable lid with a hoop and lever cap

Technical specification tin pails

volume [L] advantage [mm] high [mm] piece / pallete form fulfilment
30 328/312 425 111 conical with lid
30 328/312 425 126 conical without lid

Photo gallery tin pails

Plechový Hobok 30 L Plechový Hobok 30 L - detail pákového uzávěru
Tin Hobok 30 L Tin Hobok 30 L - detail lever cover

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