Plastic pails Curtec with airtight lid Kiuso

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Plastic pails with airtight and watertight lid Kiuso

plastové kbelíky s šroubovacím víkem

Volume pails

  • 20 - 30 L

Handling pails

  • 2 x plastic handle on the side of the pail
  • possibility of stacking empty and full pails

Advantages plastic pails

  • UN certification
  • used for substances requiring airtight or watertight packing (f. e. food, medicines, certain chemicals ...)
  • airtight and watertight pails
  • Seal option pails
  • Screw the opening and closing pressure on the the lid
  • maximum temperature substance filled into the pail is 80 ° C
  • before closing and stacking must the temperature drop to 30 ° C
  • Technical Sheet pails

Technical specifications plastic pails

order number volume [dm3] average [mm] high [mm] authorized amount of content for various materials packaging group [kg] packaging material
4620 20 374/336 300 - 30 45 HDPE
4630 30 374/336 407 - 35 52 HDPE

Photo gallery plastic pails

plastový kbelík s UN certifikací s vodotěsným víkem
Plastic pail with UN certification with watertight lid

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