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New product range - OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.

Stainless steel IBC containers, barrels and tanks

OBAL CENTRUM s.r.o.Dear customers,

our product range stainless steel were placed IBC containers, drums, and world-renowned manufacturer of stainless steel tanks and shipping containers and storage tanks of UCON. Complete line of stainless steel containers, see Stainless steel containers.

Containers for communal waste

Containers for communal wasteDear customers,
Our company's product range was again extended to include additional items and those are containers for municipal waste and recycling . Plastic containers and bins for waste, see Waste containers. Plastic containers and containers can be supplied by treating the waste separacováný.
If you order multiple units are ready for you interesting volume discounts.

IBC containers washed at great prices

Dear customers,
based on your major interest, we have again prepared a special offer on IBC containers refurbished on the metal pallet. These containers were only used once! IBC has UN certification. It is equipped with a filling hole 150 mm and a discharge valve DN 50 mm DN 80 mm.
The price of container is 1 590,- CZK without VAT . More information about this IBC Containers offer here.

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