Canisters of liquid plastic with handles

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Plastic cans for liquids with two handles - 60 L - Type AT

Volume of plastic canisters

  • 60 liters

Handling plastic canisters

  • stackable option
  • 3x handle

Advantages of plastic canisters

  • plastic canisters are made ​​of HDPE with food stuffs
  • UN certification of plastic canisters
  • canisters are completely omissible
  • the canister shape allows maximum utilization of space on the pallet
  • opportunity to supply cans with different types of closures (seals, venting, etc.)
  • plastic jerry cans are suitable for most types of fabric
  • good manipulability canister-side handle
  • environmentally friendly packaging - fully recyclable

Technical specifications for large-volume plastic canister type AT

volume [L] length [mm] width [mm] height [mm] weight [kg] Ø aperture [mm] aperture
60 394 347 645 3,2 56 UN 1H1 / X1.9 / ...

Photo gallery bulk plastic canisters type AT

plastic canister of liquid 60 L
plastic canister of liquid 60 L

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