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Inflatable bags - tight

Inflatable bags (one-way/re-usable) for securing cargo inside trucks, containers, railcars or shipholds in order to prevent movement of goods during transport thus avoiding cargo-damage. Also for safety of goods in chests and cardboard boxes. Suitable for oneway usage on objects without any sharp and pointy corners and surfaces.

inflatable bags - tight

Fixing bags - replacement for

  • styrofoam plates
  • used pallets
  • wood dunnage
  • honeycomb void filling

Target markets

  • 1. Exporting companies (chemicals, paper , powder, food industry, beverage industry, electronics/household appliances, china, glass, ceramics and tile industry, furniture)
  • 2. Shipping Companies

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inflatable bags inflatable bags disposable single inflatable tube
inflatable bags - use inflatable bags - use disposable single inflatable tube
single inflatable tube
single inflatable tube

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