Plastic foils for packaging machinery or manual

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Stretch foils | LDPE and HDPE foils | bubble wrap | tape

machine and hand films bubble wrap foam sheet adhesive tape
machine and hand films bubble wrap foam sheet adhesive tape

Plastic foils and thier types

Plastic foils are produced in many different designs. This includes in particular stretch foils, HDPE and LDPE foils, bubble wrap and foam foils. Stretch foils, HDPE and LDPE foils further are divided into foils for manual use and for use on packaging machinery. LDPE and HDPE foils are further devided according to whether they are heat-shrinkable or not. Another criterion how to devide the plastic foils is their shape during the production. They are divided into simple plastic or or half-hose foils. In the event that into foils are added ingredients during the production we are talking about foils with UV filter and anti-static foils.


Advantages of plastic sheeting

  • high performance packaging
  • low cost
  • ease of use foils
  • variability in size and thickness of foil
  • environmentally friendly and fully recyclable plastic sheeting
  • foil are replaced by fixation
  • use for hand and machine packaging
  • possibility of implementing a transparent and color film
  • option of printing plastic sheeting

Usage of plastic foils

Plastic foils have wide fields of application, especially in fixation and packing pallets of goods shipped. Furthermore, the plastic foils are used to protect against mechanical damage and weather conditions during transport or to protect against spillage. Foam foils are used as a filler material during the transport of fragile goods.

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