HDPE plastic film for packaging machinery or by hand

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Sheet, tubing, half-and heat-shrinkable film HDPE


HDPE fólie

The thickness of plastic HDPE sheeting

  • 12 – 200 my

Advantages of plastic sheeting

  • foil fixates goods
  • loil protects against moisture or dust
  • foil prevents mechanical damage
  • transparency film allows visual inspection of the goods
  • film retains its rigidity and resistance to breakage and food freezing temperatures (down to -70 ° C)
  • films are colorless, tasteless and odorless
  • transparent and color film
  • films do not contain toxic or harmful ingredients
  • films are suitable for food packaging, chemicals, in permanent construction applications, etc.


Specifications HDPE foils

HDPE foils
HDPE hose description width [mm] thickness [µm]
HDPE fólie - provedení polohadice coiled foil 60 - 2800 12 - 200
HDPE half hose description width[mm] thickness [µm]
LDPE fólie - provedení polohadice coiled foil 30 - 2800 12 - 200

Photo gallery HDPE foils

HDPE foils
HDPE foils

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