Bubble foil for manual packaging

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Bubble plastic sheet and trimming the rolls of bubble wrap

bubble foil

Size of bubble wrap

  • 0,9 - 1 cm

Advantages of bubble wrap

  • film is very light
  • bubble wrap reduces the cost of transport and packaging
  • film is transparent - perhaps a visual inspection of the product
  • bubble wrap is 100% recyclable
  • moisture-resistant film
  • protects the surface against abrasion
  • easy to use and has good insulating properties
  • bubble wrap is reusable
  • easy formatting tools and small machines

Technical specifications of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap description base width [mm] roll [m]
bublinková fólie ntended for packaging of fragile materials, protection against damage impact 500, 1000, 1500 100

Photo gallery of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap

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