Garden plastic barrels for rain water

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Rain barrels, water utility

Rain barrels

Volume plastic barrels on the water

  • 150 - 1000 liters

Handling plastic barrels for water

  • plastic handles (version 500, 750 a 1000 liters)

Advantages of plastic barrels on the water

  • water barrels are made ​​from HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is resistant to chemicals, but also weather and sun
  • water tank is equipped with a hole in the lid for filling out of the gutter
  • possible to put a plastic screen into the hole for filling the barrel (standard supplied) which prevents such leaves in a barrel
  • hose drum serves as a watermark

Technical specification of plastic barrels for rainwater

volume [L] diameter [mm] length [mm] width [mm] heigth [mm] weight [kg]
150 497 cylindrical shape cylindrical shape 960 4,2
220 580 cylindrical shape cylindrical shape 1000 6,5
500 oval shape 880 720 1080 15
750 oval shape 880 720 1610 25
1000 oval shape 1050 770 1750 34

Photogallery of plastic barrels for rainwater

plastic drum to water - 120 L plastic drum to water - 500 L plastic drum to water - 750 L inlet filter barrel hole
plastic drum to water - 120L plastic drum to water - 500L plastic drum to water - 750L inlet filter barrel hole

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