Conductive plastics drums of liquid L-Ring

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Conductive plastic drums with two caps - Type L-Ring, UN code

antistatic plastic drums for liquids

Volume plastic drums

  • 220 liters

Handling plastic drums

  • stacking option

Advantages plastic drums

  • UN certification drums
  • drums are made ​​from HDPE with food stuffs
  • standard design with two caps 70x6 mm 56x4 mm mm
  • antistatic drums L-Ring is designed for storage and transportation of highly flammable liquids
  • certified for packing groups II and III (Y and Z)
  • maximum density of 1.6 filled with a substance
  • drums allowed for use in explosion risk zones 1 and 2 explosion group IIA and IIB
  • Optionally available with suction tube

Technical specifications of antistatic plastic drums type L-Ring

volume [L] external mass [kg]
diameter [mm] heigth [mm]
220 581 935 5,8

Photo gallery of plastic drums type L-Ring

antistatic drums - Type L-Ring antistatic drums
antistatic drums - Type L-Ring antistatic drums

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