Plastic doses of loose or pasty materials

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Plastic doses

plastové dózy s UN certifikací - nezúžené hrdlo plastové dózy s UN certifikací - zúžené hrdlo plastové dózy bez UN certifikace - zúžené hrdlo
with UN certification - total opening neck with UN certification - narrowed neck without UN certification - narrowed neck

Using of plastic doses/cases

Plastic cases are suitable for easy handling and storage of bulk materials or paste materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or drugstore.

plastové dózy s UN certifikací - nezúžené hrdlo

Features plastic doses

  • plastic doses models with UN certification or standard
  • certified for contact with foodstuff
  • made from HDPE
  • plastic doses with UN aprroved or ordinary
  • food hygiene certificated
  • used for packing and transport of powdery or pasty materials
  • closure design - lid/midslid

Certification plastic doses/cases

Some plastic doses are supplied with UN certification and are therefore suitable for the transport of dangerous substances according to regulations of ADR, IATA-DGR and IMDG-Code. The material, which plastic cases are manufactured from, has been certified for food contact. Most of the plastic cases have got the screw cap and the dust cap as well for perfect closuring.

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