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Careers at OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.


Wanted officer domestic and foreign trade. We offer above average salary, work one shift in a pleasant environment and a young team. We also offer an extended leave, bonuses and life insurance, pension, etc. Experience in the sales department welcomed PC skills required. Language skills or knowledge of SAP an advantage.

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10 reasons for OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.

  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. is one of the biggest and most successful supplier of packages for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry in Eastern Europe.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. collaborates with the best players in Europe, generally ISO 9001 approved.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. offers the wide selection of plastic, fibre and metal packages in volumes from 50 ml to 5000 litres. The basic assortment is permanently kept in stock.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. supplies also spare parts and accessories such as hoses, adapters, pistols, pumps, handling keys etc.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. provides clients with an advisors and technical services in abroad via local partners. And collaborates with distribution centres in the Middle and Eastern Europe.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. arranges full service of dangerous goods air transport.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. supplies big corporates as well as private persons, deliveries "Just in Time" to the customer´s house. The shipments are consolidated. Differrent kinds of packages can be mixed in one truck.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. delivers UN approved packages as well as food certificated ones. Returnable multi-used packages enable price decreasing for one turn.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. arranges technical and legislative support in accordance to ADR, RID, IMDG-CODE, IATA-DGR regulations.
  • OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. thanks to the purchasing volumes sales its products for the most reasonable prices in the area.

Photo gallery OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.

OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. sitemap company OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. warehouse OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.
OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. sitemap company OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. OBAL CENTRUM Ltd. warehouse OBAL CENTRUM Ltd.

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