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Welcome to the new e-shop

29. 3. 2018

After several years, we are finally launching our new e-shop for you, which should be better in all respects than the previous one. It is fully responsive to all devices, significantly clearer, yet fuller than the previous one.

Finally, responsive

  • You no longer have to worry about using an e-shop on your mobile or tablet , it will always be fully adapted

Improved categories

  • In categories, you can finally filter and sort products by different parameters and labels
  • You can also change the view between grid and row in the category
  • If you are looking for packaging by type of use, you can try our thematic categories on the main page below

Useful header

  • We've improved the Web header search engine , which also whispers possible results
  • You can also switch the payment between CZK and Euro above the site header
  • In the head of the site you can see immediately whether we are open in our facility in Vesec

Better basket

  • We have completely redesigned the traffic calculation , which now takes the distance into account and is significantly fairer
  • As a payment, you can also choose a payment gateway and a card payment , all thanks to GoPay

Meaningful information

  • We have added a blog where we will inform you not only about news, but also interesting things not only from the field
  • We've fine-tuned our transactional emails to help you keep track of your order status
  • There will also be no invoice in your emails, so you won't have to wait for your goods to arrive
  • We have connected the e-shop with our corporate system , so the data and information in the e-shop will always be up-to-date
  • ... besides, we solved thousands of different little things that make your shopping more enjoyable :-)

We also want to incorporate all the information from the old site into the e-shop so you can have it all in one place.

If you have any questions, please let us speak .

ps apologize if you encounter an error. We tried to fine-tune everything but not always the first time. Therefore, we will be very pleased if you write us an error at it@obal-centrum.cz . Thank you!


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