IBC containers, plastic, stainless steel, antistatic, new, washed, recollect.

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IBC containers for liquids or solids

IBC on a wooden pallet IBC container on metal pallet IBC antistatic type SM IBC Container AdBlue - type SM 15
IBC container on a wooden pallet IBC container on metal pallet IBC antistatic type SM drain systheme CDS 1
IBC 600L with plastic pallet IBC containers stainless steel IBC containers stackable IBC containers
IBC 640L with plastic pallet IBC containers stainless steel IBC containers Embax stackable IBC containers

The use of IBC

IBC containers are widely used pacjages for storage and transport medium-sized quantity of liquid chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food products. Progression of IBC are relatively low costs compared to a plastic or metal drums, easy handling and the reuse. IBCs also save space compared to the barrels.

IBC kontejnery

IBC Handling

  • forklift or pallet truck
  • way to carry all standard trucks
  • stacking option

Advantages IBC containers

  • IBC is the most progressive packing of liquids
  • We deliver new IBC containers, washed or design Reco (recollect)
    (old cage, and a variety of new interior plastic tubs)
  • Within its collection account the IBC recollection of the IBC »
  • color of the inner tank:
    • white, transparent, black
  • UN certification for almost all liquids
  • protective outer skeleton IBC is made ​​of galvanized steel
  • reduce transport costs and space saving storage

Description od IBCs

Stackable containers with inner bottle made of UV stabilized high-molecular polyethylene HDPE resistant to most aggressive chemicals. IBCs also consist from a galvaniséd steel frame and PE plastic palet (alternatively metal or wooden palet), resistant to mechanical and corrosive influences. The advantage of plastic palets are particularly evident in the handling of concentrated inorganic acids and organic chemical products.

All parts of the IBC are recyclable and replaceable, remanufacturing is performed right in our area. Handling by forklift truck forklift. The relatively large variability of accessories allows the use IBC under various operating conditions

There are all spare parts for Mauser IBC containers on stock (they are recyclable and replaceable). The IBC containers are supplied on wooden, metal, plastic or hybride palet. Material of inner container is made of HDPE with sanitary certificate.

Our company also supplies stainless steel IBC containers UCON brand for the extremely aggressive chemicals or for the food, pharmaceutic and cosmetic industry,

Cost Savings

Very interesting option are the cost saving WASHED IBC containers or REKO IBC containers with an older frame and a brand new internal plastic bottle. Thus our customers save costs in technological processes in which there is no need to use the new packaging.

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