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IBC type GR 1000, UN code

Volume IBC container

  • 1 000 liters

Handling with IBC containers

  • forklift or pallet truck
  • way to carry all standard trucks
  • stacking option

Advantages IBC containers

  • plastic containers are multipath with UN certified packaging for packing groups II and III
  • to-plastic - no metal corrosion-resistant packaging design
  • inner layer of the shell celoplastového IBC is made of HDPE outer layer of HMW-HDPE
  • with the tank, made ​​by the process Coextrusion (2-layer design)
  • environmentally friendly packaging - 100% recyclable
  • alternatively, you can add a variant with a removable lid or a non-removable head

Technical specifications of plastic IBC type GR

Volume [L] Lenght [mm] Width [mm] Height incl. palete [mm] Mass [kg] charging leak [mm] discharge value
1000 1200 1000 1165 60 150 / 300 2" or mw 50 mm

Photo gallery of plastic IBC type GR

IBC GR 1000 - discharging value IBC GR 1000 - components
IBC GR 1000 - discharging value IBC GR 1000 - components

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